Its colonial architecture and its spacious green areas, make Forum a unique place since today most corporate projects do not have or do not have the possibility of having such open green spaces and great footage to balance work , nature.

It has 17separated buildings with gardens, lakes, boulevards and green areas that make the view to be very refreshing. Their outputs to Lindora, directly to the province of Heredia, his exit to route 27 East or West, make sure the Juan Santamaría International Airport is just a few kilometers. In the same way its location is in one of the areas with a high capital value of Costa Rica, Santa Ana.


  • Vehicular Control Access
  • Each building has its private parking for tenants.
  • Separate entrance for visitors and tenants.
  • Compliance with the law 7600.
  • Closed circuit Television (CCTV).
  • System of detection and suppression of fires in all common areas.